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The e-commerce website WWW.RICHI.BG is owned by TERACOM 2002 Ltd., Company ID No. 121847366 and registered address at 92, D. Hadjikotsev Str., Sofia, with its Director Plamen Stanoykov.

The website WWW.RICHI.BG provides an opportunity to purchase the displayed goods, which are delivered directly to the client to the address indicated by them. Each consumer will be bound to the rules of these General Terms and Conditions for Use from the time they first enter into the site until they leave it.

1.1. This document contains the General Terms and Conditions, by which TERACOM 2002 Ltd. Provides consumers/clients with goods via the online store WWW.RICHI.BG. These Terms and Conditions are binding upon all consumers. By clicking the ORDER button, the consumer/client agrees, accepts in full and is obliged to abide by these General Terms and Conditions. Consumer/client is entitled to use the website for personal non-commercial purposes only.
1.2. Once clicked on the button ORDER, consumer agrees to purchase the goods available in their basket. This action has a legally binding effect. Client gets a confirmation for their order and once received, this Agreement shall be deemed concluded. The confirmation shall be received by e-mail.
1.3. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall preserve its right to deny delivery of a confirmed order in case the goods are not accessible. If the goods so ordered are not in stock, TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall, within a working week, notify the consumer/client of its shortage by sending a message to the e-mail indicated by the client.
1.4. The language of contract shall be Bulgarian, and payments will be made in BGN including VAT.

2.1. The goods supplied at WWW.RICHI.BG are produced by TERACOM 2002 Ltd. and bear its trademark RICHI.
2.2. Each product has its own article number, which is displayed next to the picture of the product.
2.3. The colours in which the respective product is available are also displayed next to it, as they are actually scanned samples of the real article (not a colour processed by software). To be accurate, all colours have numbers, aiming at avoiding different names for the same colour. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable for the settings of client’s display and how they can see the colour as a result.
2.4. Each article has a unit price. If a client wants to combine a top part with a bottom part, they should order the two parts separately. If a client needs a different size for the top part and the bottom part, this must be indicated when placing an order for the two articles.
2.5. Sizes of the articles follow the alphabet numeration in accordance with the established Bulgarian size standards. For further information, refer to the size chart.

3.1. Consumer/client shall bear in full the risk of damage/loss of goods at delivery. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall be released from the risk, which will be passed onto the consumer/client as soon as the goods are handed over to the courier service. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable for any delay in case that it is caused by a courier or another supplier.
3.2. Once delivered, the goods should be reviewed carefully by the consumer/client or their authorized person. Any possible strokes, impacts and other damages shall be reported immediately to TERACOM 2002 Ltd. In case of establishment of damages arising out of the goods transportation, TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be held liable for injuring these goods. In the cases, where TERACOM 2002 Ltd. confirms the order and states a specific date of delivery, this statement shall have a binding effect. In case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person and phone number when placing an order, TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be bound to any obligation to fulfil the order.
3.2.1. On goods delivery, consumer/client or a third party shall sign their accompanying papers. A third party shall be anyone who is not a beneficiary of the statement, but accepts the goods so delivered and is at the address indicated by the client. In case of refusal to receive the goods, except the cases hereinafter, such refusal shall be deemed unreasonable and the client shall owe payment for the delivery costs and returning of the goods. Where the client is not found at the indicated address within the term of delivery or no access and conditions are provided for the goods to be delivered within this term, TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall be released from its duty to deliver the goods so ordered.
3.2.2. The courier company Speedy is not engaged with the service to open the parcel before payment.
3.2.3. Where the delivered goods do not correspond obviously to the goods ordered for purchase by the client and it could be established at its ordinary review, the client may claim their goods to be replaced by such that comply with the statement for purchase made by them within 24 hours after its receipt.
3.3. Orders are processed within the following working hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Orders placed after 05:00 PM between Monday and Thursday are processed on the next morning after 09:00 AM. Orders placed after 05:00 PM on Friday are processed on Monday after 09:00 AM.

The prices on the website do not include transportation costs. Transportation within the Republic of Bulgaria is carried out by the courier company Speedy or Econt. The price owed by the consumer/client for transportation shall be determined according to the pricelist of the courier company Speedy or Ekont. The price for the supplied goods may be paid by Cash-on-Delivery or Virtual POS Terminal, as no details of the used bank cards shall be stored. When paying by Virtual POS Terminal and an event for refund is present, such refund shall be done to the card used for making the relevant payment.

5.1. Client shall be entitled, without payment of any damages and stating any reasons, to waive the concluded agreement within 7 business days as of the date of goods receipt.
Returns are allowed under the following conditions:
• The application for returning the goods shall be submitted in writing at the correspondence e-mail stated by Teracom 2002 Ltd. within a period no longer than 7 business days as of the date of receiving the order. The application must contain a client’s personal bank account where the amount paid by the client for the goods will be refunded;
• The goods are in good commercial appearance, they are not used, worn or damaged; the goods are in their original packaging, have original labels and are accompanied by the original documents issued by Teracom 2002 Ltd. – invoice, receipt, etc.
• upon receipt of the returned article, Teracom 2002 Ltd. will check for compliance with the terms and conditions mentioned and their fulfilment. When Teracom 2002 Ltd. is able to confirm compliance with all terms and conditions for returning the goods, Teracom 2002 Ltd. will notify the client via e-mail of the accepted exercised right to goods returning. Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, Teracom 2002 Ltd. shall refund the client the paid sum within 14 days after the date on which the client exercised their right to goods returning. Teracom 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable for late payment for reasons not attributable to Teracom 2002 Ltd.
5.2. Teracom 2002 Ltd. shall preserve its right not to refund the amount paid by the client in case of infringements of one or more terms and conditions for goods return.
5.3. Cash-on-Delivery Refund of paid amounts:
When refunding amounts paid by Cash-on-Delivery there has to be identification between the person ordering the goods and the one returning the goods, regardless of who has received them. It is the person who is ordering and returning the goods, who will get the money back, which has been paid by Cash-on-Delivery. Any costs incurred for returning of the delivered goods to the company shall be at the expense of the client.

6.1. In case of any discrepancy found between the delivered goods and the order placed, the client shall be entitled to file a complaint within 7 business days after its delivery.
6.2. Complaint shall be filed to the company. To be respected, the client should enclose the goods in their original (undestroyed) packaging, as appropriate, as well as the documents accompanying them at delivery – receipt, invoice and other documents certifying the goods discrepancy.
6.3. In case that the claim is reasonable, client may choose the method of claim satisfaction – by replacing the goods with new ones that correspond to the signed sales contract or by repair/correction, if replacement is impossible.
6.4. Client may not claim refund of the sum paid by them or price discount if TERACOM 2002 Ltd. agrees that the complaint be satisfied by any of the two methods above.
6.5. Paid sums shall only be refunded in case it is not possible a complaint to be satisfied by any of the methods referred to in item 6.3 of the Agreement.
6.6. Complaints are processed within 30 business days.

7.1. Consumer/client has an opportunity to review and order the goods displayed on the online store at WWW.RICHI.BG.
7.2. Consumer/client shall be entitled to get informed about the status of their order.
7.3. Consumer shall pay the price for their order in any of the methods displayed at WWW.RICHI.BG.
7.4. Each consumer, whether or not a client of TERACOM 2002 Ltd., shall, when using the services:
abide by the Bulgarian law, applicable foreign laws, the rules of ethics and good morals and internet ethics when using the online store WWW.RICHI.BG.
immediately notify TERACOM 2002 Ltd. of each case of committed or found infringement when using the provided services;
not download, send, transmit, distribute or use in any manner and shall not disclose to any third parties software, computer programs, files, applications or other materials containing viruses, unauthorized remote control systems (“Trojan Horses”), computer codes, or materials designed to interrupt, impede, disturb or limit the normal functioning of computer hardware or software or the telecommunication facilities or intending to have unauthorized entry or access to foreign resources or software;
not to commit malicious actions;
indemnify TERACOM 2002 Ltd. and any third parties against all suffered damages and lost profits, including any costs and paid attorney’s fees incurred as a consequence of filed claims and/or damages paid to third parties relating to websites, hyper-links, materials or information, which the consumer has used, deployed on the server, sent, distributed, made available to third parties or made accessible through /website name/ in infringement of the law, these General Terms and Conditions, Good Morals of Internet Ethics;
7.4.а. Client shall state an accurate and valid phone number, delivery address and e-mail, shall pay the goods price, any delivery costs, and provide access and possibility for receiving the goods.

8.1. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. is not under the obligation and has got no objective capability to supervise the manner in which consumers use the provided services.
8.2. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. has the right, not the obligation, to store materials and information placed on the server of WWW.RICHI.BG.
8.3. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall be entitled at any time without notifying the consumer/client, where the latter uses the services in infringement of these terms and conditions, and at discretion of TERACOM 2002 Ltd. terminate, cancel or amend the provided services relating to the use of the website. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable to consumers and third parties for any suffered damages and lost profits occurred as a consequence of termination, cancellation, amendment or limitation of the services, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy or incompletion of communications, materials or information that have been transmitted, used, saved or become accessible through WWW.RICHI.BG. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall upon receiving the payment, transfer the title of ownership of the goods ordered for purchase to the consumer/client, shall deliver the goods ordered for purchase on time, and inspect the quality of each article before shipment.
8.4. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities, or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources searched, downloaded or used in any way through the provided services. Advice, consulting or assistance rendered by the professionals and employees at TERACOM 2002 Ltd. relating to using the services by consumers shall not give rise of any liability or obligations for TERACOM 2002 Ltd.
8.5. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall be entitled to gather and use information concerning its consumers/clients.
8.6. The information of the previous article may be used by TERACOM 2002 Ltd., except in the case of the explicit disagreement by the consumer sent to the indicated e-mail address. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall gather and use the information in order to improve its provided services. All purposes that TERACOM 2002 Ltd. will use the information for will be in compliance with the Bulgarian law, applicable international regulations and good morals.
8.7. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not be liable for any default in its duties under this Agreement upon occurrence of circumstances that TERACOM 2002 Ltd. has not foreseen and is not obliged to do so – including accidental events, problems in the global internet network and in providing the services beyond the control of TERACOM 2002 Ltd.
8.8. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall be entitled to install cookies on consumers’ computers. Cookies are text files stored from the website on the consumer’s hard disks and enable information to be recovered for the consumer, by identifying them and allow their actions to be monitored, websites visited, hyper-links used, information used and saved, etc.

9.1. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. guarantees to its consumers/clients confidentiality of the information provided by them and their personal data. The latter shall not be used, provided or brought to the knowledge of any third parties except the cases and under the terms and conditions specified herein. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. protects consumer’s/client’s data that have become known to it through completion of the e-form for submission of an application for purchase, as this obligation shall be cancelled in case of false data given by the client. In compliance with the applicable law and the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, TERACOM 2002 Ltd. may use client’s personal data only and solely for the purposes stipulated in the Agreement. Any other purposes that the data are used will be complied with the Bulgarian law, applicable international regulations, internet ethics and the rules of good morals.
9.1.1 TERACOM 2002 Ltd. shall not disclose any personal data about the client to third parties – government authorities, business companies, individuals, etc., unless it has obtained the explicit written consent of the client, this information has been requested by government authorities or officials, who, according to the applicable law, have the authority to require and gather such information. TERACOM 2002 Ltd. is obliged to provide information required by law.

The brand RICHI, the contents of this website, form, text, graphics, logo, buttons, icons, images, audio and vide files, digital downloads, compilations of data and software are property of TERACOM 2002 Ltd. and are protected under the laws of Bulgaria, as well as the international copyright law and database. All materials included in this website (contents) are property of TERACOM 2002 Ltd.
Access to/use of this website shall not give the consumer/client any rights to re-selling or commercial use of this website or its contents.
Consumers/clients shall not have the right to make a copy of this website or its contents.

These General Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time by TERACOM 2002 Ltd., who also have the right to change the characteristics of the provided services and these General Terms and Conditions as well as on the basis of amendments to the law, by posting them on the website.

11.1. “Consumer/Client” shall mean anyone who has loaded the website WWW.RICHI.BG on their computer.
11.2. “Order” shall mean selected goods, method of delivery and payment of goods by the client/consumer.
11.3. The online store WWW.RICHI.BG is property of TERACOM 2002 Ltd.
11.4. All disputes arising between the parties shall be resolved amicably and in good faith. In case where no agreement has been reached, all unresolved disputes, including these arising out of or concerning its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes on filling omissions in the Agreement or its adaptation to newly arisen circumstamces, will be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction by registration of TERACOM 2002 Ltd. in accordance with the Bulgarian law.

TERACOM 2002 Ltd.
Registered address:
Sofia, 92, D. Hadjikocev Str.
VAT ID No. BG 121847366
Accountable Person: Plamen Stanoykov

ADDRESS for correspondence with TERACOM 2002 Ltd.:
Sofia 1000, 1, Graf Ignatiev Str., RICHI Store
Tel.: 0887 746 737
E-mail: info@richi.bg